Advanced Price Action Forex Education


Learn to trade the Forex Market from an Experienced Trader.


Learn how to dissect the Forex market through a powerful, easy to understand and easy to follow library of educational lessons and group webinars. I have built my own approach to the market by applying and refining price action and smart money concepts, to create a simple, precise, and powerful way to profitably trade. From analysis, to execution, management and refinement, I've got you covered.


Receive a hands-on education through a robust and detailed educational library, consistent live-trading sessions, weekly market analysis and more. Get answers to your questions when you need it most through our community Discord forum, where you can engage with myself and other students, see winning and losing trades, and learn from the community. Most importantly, you can get your questions answered, everytime!


Let an experienced Trader teach you the skill set and psychology of success. I have 3 years of full-time, professional trading experience, and I manage a six figure portfolio for a trading fund. I have over 7 years of experience as an educator, and nearly 200 happy students. The success of my students is my main focus in the program, and I am here to help you build a powerful, confident skill set.

Learn with our community of 180+ traders

A superior education that is empowering new and seasoned Traders to grow a deeper understanding of the markets.

Learn with our community of 180+ traders

A superior education that is empowering new and seasoned Traders to grow a deeper understanding of the markets.

Course Curriculum:

This course covers every topic and technique you need to become an expert Price Action Trader. Once you are enrolled you will have access to a library of content covering:

Market Structure

You will understand how and why the market is developing in different directions, and with that understanding you will prioritize the highest probability setups.

Institutional Supply & Demand

Understanding the relationship of buyers and sellers and how price is moves throughout a chart is key to effortlessly moving in and out of the market. Trade like the banks do, and not like the traders paying the banks.

Price Action Mechanics

Having a deep and complete understanding of how to read price action allows you to know HOW and more importantly WHY the market does what it does. This sets you apart from the massive sea of struggling retail traders by giving you a serious edge.

Multiple Trading Styles

With the knowledge and experience you will gain from this course, you can trade in any style: short or long term. You can swing, intra-week, intraday or even scalp trade. Any market environment, you will be ready to trade.

Entries & Exits

Certainly one of the most intimidating things in trading is knowing when and where to consider entering or exiting a trade. With the knowledge you gain you will know when, where and why to target certain areas for both entries and exits.

Trading Psychology

Technical analysis skills are one important part of the equation, however, a Trader's psychology is equally powerful if fine tuned, or disruptive if unpolished. I will help you develop and adjust your psychology in the right way.

As an added bonus, members have access to the following:

Weekly Analysis

Every weekend I send out an analysis video and charts covering major Forex pairs and major-crosses I like to watch. This will give you my analysis and projections for these pairs and help guide you on how and why I see the charts the way I do.

Monthly Extended Webinars

Each month, come and join the community for an extended session, where you can ask about concepts and techniques, or anything you need help with. In these sessions, we can take a deeper dive at what you need to work on, and reflect on the best way to do so.

Live Trading Sessions

I host live trading sessions where we will look at live market setups and situations as a team to assess possible setups and the current market environment. These are a great way to get hands-on experience, side-by-side with me during a live trading sessions. (Usually NY sessions).

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