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Whether you are trading Forex, Cryptocurrencies or Stocks and Indices, it isn’t easy.

Most peoples’ experience is negative and they revere this industry as a scam or gambling. 

Most people did not have truly quality, helpful guidance or education, they bounce around multiple groups and sink too much money in the process of trying to learn how to progress. Eventually, most of them give up.

With the correct guidance, education and support, you avoid the majority of headaches, frustration and pitfalls that are commonly associated with becoming an independent financial Trader. My motto is “the success and growth of my students defines my success as an educator”. No lifestyle marketing, just performance.

Over my 4+ years in this industry, I have experienced the ups and the downs.

Through relentless evolution I can confidently call myself a Professional Analyst & Trader.

My public analysis, breakdowns and student testimonials speak for themselves: I specialize in precision price action analysis and trading based on what the largest financial Institutions are doing. I trade with the banks, and have separated myself from the masses of average Retail traders in doing so. 

I have a rich background in educational roles, and I have pivoted that over to helping out a small, tight-knit community of aspiring Traders. 

I look forward to working with YOU next!

The three largest groups of Institutional Traders are Central Banks, Commercial Banks and the largest Hedge Funds in the world.

Institutional price action is the analysis of what the largest Institutional Traders are doing through live market data. With a deep understanding of the Institutional methodology, psychology and activity, we can read the movement and behavior of price action with incredible accuracy and consistency.

As a result, we can build and execute on trade ideas that are extremely precise, with massive reward-to-risk ratios. Unlike the majority of retail traders, who rely on strategies based on indicators, signals and half-cooked information, we trade based on clearly presented data and theories backed by logical data. 

If you would like some examples of Institutional Price Action, in action, check out our Instagram or blog posts where we provide breakdown and results of our trade ideas. You will certainly be impressed.

All memberships with Big Money Forex include:

  • A Masterclass Boot Camp (Small group, 3 Day experience, online)
  • Access to a full educational library for further studying and reference
  • Access to our Live Trading Sessions (3 – 5 Days every week)
  • Access to the private community Discord Channel
  • Unlimited on-demand support from your teacher for any questions, critiques or guidance you need.

The institutional Price action taught in our Masterclass Boot Camps, and in the educational course library, is robust, detailed and complete. We implement what is taught in the Masterclass and Educational Course, through Live Trading sessions with our Educator as well. You get the whole package and then some, certainly more most any educational resource in this industry. All packaged in a easy to use way for an exceptional value.

October 2021 Masterclass:

October 23rd, 24th & 30th

Institutional Price action based on what the Biggest Money in the market is doing.

A focus on detailed, easy to understand information that provides the most precise and profitable trading.

We trade based on groups of people who are executing Millions of contracts and billions of Dollars at a time, not based on retail concepts passed down to keep you struggling and at a loss.

The approach taught in our Masterclass, Educational Course and Live Trading Sessions applies to:

Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks and Indices markets.

3 Day Masterclass

A small group, online experience focusing on getting you supercharged in the right direction. This Boot Camp is suitable for all levels of traders to build and reinforce a great foundation of knowledge and skillsets, as well as advanced concepts

Full Educational Course

This is a comprehensive educational library, covering everything from introductory information about trading platforms to macro economics, and technical analysis from beginner to advanced levels. It is the whole package, for your reference.

Live Trading Sessions

3 to 5 days a week I sit down with members and and operate in a LIVE market scenario. I demonstrate both technical approach and psychology through experience, walking them through ideas and execution.

Support and Community

A common issue is that a mentor is not reachable or not supportive. Not here! I believe that support and continued guidance is priceless to your development, and I go above and beyond to provide support for my community. You matter.

Some recent examples of Institutional Price Action

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