Deluxe Coaching & Lifetime Membership

Coaching (4 x 1 hour sessions) + Lifetime Course Membership

This standard package will set you up with 4, one hour long (minimum duration) coaching sessions with Mighty Fine FX as outlined in our services. You can book your sessions as you see best fit, based on the availability of the coaching schedule. You can look forward to a focused, personalized and targeted mentorship program, one on one with your Coach, as you work on your skills and approach to trading the Forex market. We will help identify any areas that need some help, and reinforce crucial areas so you can be a consistent and profitable trader. Why do we book 4 sessions? Will it only take 4 sessions? We book 4 sessions because it is unrealistic to think we can help you, fully, in one hour. It may take 4 sessions, it may take more, but know that you are investing in a coaching system that will not drag out anything, I promise I will work as efficiently as possible to get you a FULL understanding of the concepts and topics you need to trade the same way I do. We will provide you the ability to book within our current availability for the month, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns while booking. I look forward to working with you towards your bright future in Forex Trading.

In addition to you coaching sessions, you will gain a lifetime membership to the MF Educational Course and all new developments in the course. You will never be charged for any new information within the course, and will be able to join us in group sessions (once the times and dates are announced) and weekly sessions as well.

If you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

If there are no spots available on our current roster, you can be placed on a wait list to be contacted at our next opening.

Please visit here to submit your information.

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