The MightyFine Forex education course is a lifetime membership to an in-depth, easy to understand, well researched and thorough Price Action knowledge base.

I will teach you everything from very introductory information, to basic price action principles and practices, advanced microeconomic analysis techniques and the best practices to improve your trading psychology. My course suits any level of trader who wants to increase how effective they are in their analysis and execution, and ultimately their success in Forex trading.

My goal is to be the final solution in your journey towards consistent trading profits.

Questions? Let me know.

MF FX Lifetime Course Membership

I am no longer accepting students.

Lifetime access to:

  • All educational materials from MightyFineFX
    • Education focuses on price action trading, Intro, Beginner and Advanced
    • My goal with this course is to make in depth, understandable videos that get you key information.
  • Access to all live group webinars focusing on specific topics
    • 'Focus Groups' will be held twice weekly and will be recorded and posted as well.
  • Access to all live weekly analysis sessions
    • Analysis sessions will be held on weekends and will be recorded and posted as well.

As well as:

  • Charts from weekly analysis sessions
  • Recordings of all live sessions
  • Access to all current, updated and upcoming course materials, forever.
  • Any and all extra updates (aka mid-week updates & charts, morning or evening calls about specific projections as I see fit)

This is a one-time purchase. No up charges for new videos, no pay-per-view sessions. Once you are in, you are in.

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Total: $518.25
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